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Cases from Dansk Energi
Automation A/S



AffaldPlus, Slagelse
Automated monitoring improves safety and reduces cost.

DEA upgraded the safety at the incineration plant Slagelse Forbrændingsanlæg from manual monitoring to 72 hours unmanned operations. This not only reduces the wage bill considerably, it also improves the safety of the staff, the operations and the equipment.

Arla Foods ARINCO, Videbæk
Flue gas cooler reduces energy consumption for the benefit of company finances and the environment.

Energy savings not only improve the green accounts, but also the financial bottom line. This is common knowledge at Arla Foods ARINCO, who installed a new flue gas cooler to optimise the energy utilisation in the company’s steam boiler. The result was a 5 % reduction of the energy consumption.

Daka Proteins, Løsning
The goal was lower operating costs. The means were advanced burner controls.

Change the burner controls on three boilers and establish 72 hours unmanned operations. This was the task which DEA chose to solve using Siemens operator control panels, Erab boiler safety equipment and Siemens PLCs with burner management software. The result was lower operating costs.

Danisco Culture, Grindsted
State-of-the-art burner controls equal unrivalled operating security.

Fewer errors, less down-time and easier maintenance. These were the goals when Danisco Culture replaced the burner controls on the support burners on their coal-fired boiler. DEA delivered the burner controls based on among other things a Siemens Failsafe PLC, failsafe functional blocks, Siemens operator control panels and Profinet.

Egyptian Starch & Glucose Manufacturing Company, Cairo
State-of-the-art boiler sets new standards for boiler plants in Egypt.

25 tonnes of steam per hour at 20 bar. This was the requirement of Egyptian Starch & Glucose Manufacturing Company when the company decided to install a new boiler. DEA delivered the boiler controls based on among other things Gestra boiler safety equipment for 72 hours unmanned operations, Siemens PLCs and operator control panels for control- ling, regulating and monitoring.

Forsyning Helsingør
New boilers ensure eco-friendly heating – even in the coldest winter month.

Now 13,000 households, schools, institutions and companies in the Danish municipality Helsingør Kommune can confidently face even the hardest winters. With two new Dan- stoker hot water boilers of 10 MW each the local utility company, Forsyning Helsingør, has increased its reserve capacity – and is more than ever ready to meet the demands for eco- friendly heating.